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Extra, Extra let's talk all about it. So how has everyone been? With 2020 behind us and 2021 soon to be coming to an end. C'mon 2022 please brings lots of happiness, no covid, no cases, and no concerns! Can I get an AMEN!

So, I wanted to check in and see how are you ladies. I mean really. How are you? This year has been filled with so many things and to think that we are still in a Pandemic it really just adds another thing to the list of what 2021 has brought to the table.

So what are your thoughts on homeschool or virtual school? I decided to go this route with all the cases my kids school kept reporting. It just became battle of the wars on should I let them stay in the building or should I look out for their safety and my peace of mind and let them go virtual/ homeschool this year!

Well I made the decision to HOMESCHOOL or shall I say allow them to do Virtual Learning through an accredited school. I mean I'm no Mary Poppins! but I do try. I just knew that me having to do all the teaching was going to be for the birds! Thank God for virtual programs that can do all the work for you!

Even with my decision to go this route let me say (clearing my throat) it's not been a walk in the park. From all the zoom calls which they usually tend to tune out (like Lord, I pray for my children's attention spans) GUILTY as charged they got that from me! LOL... and let me while I'm on my homeschool rant let talk about me trying my best to ensure they have a social life, and don't even let me put out the fact that sometimes my kids treat this whole virtual school like it's a big time joke! Let me not forget to mention how much of an adjustment it's taking on my day to day tasks while still working a full time job, cooking, cleaning, you know the whole sha bang! Just call me Super Woman! 3rd week in and well let's just say I've not pulled out my hair, but that definitely doesn't mean I've not had my moments! Okkurr. So, ladies of M.T.C. please let me know what are you thoughts.

To Homeschool or Not to Home School that is the question? How's the experience been going for you ladies with the decisions you've made.


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