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Recipe of the Day


  1. Heat the oil in a 12-inch skillet over medium-high heat. Add the yellow squash, zucchini, carrots, bell peppers, onion and stir-fry until the vegetables are tender-crisp

2. Stir concentrated broth in the skillet and cook until the mixture is hot.

Ingredients: Olive Oil, Baby Carrots, 2 Squash, 1 White Onion, 1 Bell Pepper,1 Can of Campbell's Vegetable Broth, Stir Fry Mix


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Welcome all my M.T.C. friends!


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Come On in The Room!
Come On in The Room!
Come On in The Room!

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 M.T.C. Kitchen

What is the Super Shred Diet?

Extra, Extra, Read All About It! So the big bird question is, What is this diet? I mean it's only right to ask. Allow me to give you some insight on just what it is. Its an amazing four-week super-charged diet program formulated by Dr. Ian K. Smith. In this program, you'll learn principles as it relates to meal spacing, meal replacements, and diet confusion that's been proven to accelerate your weight and bring results FAST! This program contains twice the intensity as his original book, "Shred" and it's also a shorter quick-acting plan. 

The 4 Phases

This diet plan consists of 4 different phases. 


Phase 1:Foundation! This stage involves doing just that. It's a 4 week journey that consist of eating five small meals a day, which are consumed at select times.This is so effective to our overall health as it's been proven that meal-spacing is particularly effective in maintaining one’s blood sugar levels. So in week 1 we are setting a strong foundation that we will build upon each week.

Phase 2:Accelerate! This is the 2nd phase. It's time to really pump it up in the 2nd week. You're going to start seeing more meals being replaced with smoothies and soups! but like the popular saying goes, "NO PAIN NO GAIN"


Phase 3:Shape! In this phase you should really start seeing a difference in your shape! Pounds being shed, and more clarity in your head!



Phase 4: ResoluteYou made it. You can pat yourself on the back, because you made it to this phase!

The Schedule

The key to this diet is not only the food, but it's also the times of the day that you are eating. Allow me to introduce you to what we call a very strict schedule and let's not forget the discipline! This is definitly going to be needed to ensure you stick with it. The beginning is always the hardest some say, but I can ensure you that in no time you will have mastered this schedule, and if not thank God for watches and Alexa to remind us when we forget! 

  Here's the breakdown.


Meal 1: 8:30
Snack 1: 10:00
Snack 2: 11:30
Meal 2: 12:30
Meal 3: 4:30
Meal 4: 7:30


Let the Journey Begin!

On your marks, Get Set, Let's Go! That's right.No more excuses!  As I embark on this journey, please come along with me and let's both see what the end will be. If not now...then when?! As Shawn Mendes sings in his song, "There's nothing holding me back" C'mon it's time that we both start showing up as our best self's in every area of our lives! If we want to feel better, look better, train smarter...the list goes on! Extra, Extra, Read All About It! Let's start on our journey to becoming the best version of ourselves! We GOT THIS! *Fit Check*

CHEERS! Here's to nothing holding us BACK! 

Daily dEALS

Cheers to 

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Drop the beat! Hear the tune! And so much more with these amazing Airpods that have been marked down at Target until the 12th for only:

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This amazing 8 drawer unit is great for tucking your clothes away! It has plently of ample space and can easily be tucked away! An organized and happy home is not far away.

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Children's Digital camera for only: $25.00


What a great gift for the kids to unwrap on Christmas Day! This camera has a 20 in screen and can be used to capture lots of laughs, selfies, and other amazing fun moments that await!

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Let the Fun begin on this amazing Nordic Track Commercial S15i Studio Cycle! The adventure awaits, you can't beat this amazing price! Catch it before it's too late.

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