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Spice Up Your Love Life

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11/18/21 at 7:00 p.m. EST.


12/2/21 at 7:00 p.m. EST.  

12/9/21 at 7:00 p.m. EST.  

12/16/21 at 7:00 p.m. EST.

12/23/21at 7:00 p.m. EST.  

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I just want to take it nice & slow!

Whispers: It's 12'o clock on the dot...Sometimes it's not what you do but it's how you Do what you're doing that makes it over the top Irresistible, Sensational, and   Simply Amazing!!  xoxo


 "Just having a good time, no need to rush!"

Spice It Up With a "Date Night"


Me & You

1.Netflix & Chill

2.Dinner & a Movie

3.Try a cooking class

4.Comedy Club

5.Couple's Massages

6.Picnic in the Park

7.Go on a bike ride


9.Take a trip to the Museum


11.Drive In Movie Theater

12.Go out for icecream

13.Go Golfing

14.Go fishing

15.Go to the Beach

16.Go Dancing

17.Take a trip to the Zoo

18.Take a Sip & Paint Class

19.Go to a sports game

20.Visit an amausement park

21.Play some board games

22. Go and serve at a local shelter

Tip #1: Spice It Up With A Date Night

This section is all about taking it slow, with mellow tips that involve there being no need to rush.


While looking to spice up things, its vital to go back to the basics of what made you fall in love in the first place, so why not take it slow and rekindle the fire by engaging in an all exclusive date night involving just you and your amazing hubby,spouse,baby, boo,(whomever it might be)  because let’s face it…We’re busy! So keeping balance is  going to be the key to ensuring that we don’t let the flame in our love life burn out. So let us start with , . .


Lights: Just having a good time no need to rush!"

 "Just having a good time, no need to rush!"


" There's No Denying It...I Feel the Spice Coming Back in my Love Life!"

Whispers:  It's 3'o clock on the dot... Me and You Darling, You and Me!  Pure Temptation...and a few other things I can't mention.


Tip #2: Find Out What Turns Him On.

When the love is there, one thing that's certain,there's no denying it!


Which leads to Tip # 2. (Close Your Eyes) And imagine for a moment that thing that turns you on…Umm...whether it's having your feet rubbed, your back massaged, or perhaps other parts of your body caressed! Whatever it is that turns you on, it's no denying that your man too has some things that turn him just as well!

My Advice: Finding out what turns him on and trying those turn-ons on  him is one of the most absolute amazing ways to spice up your love life and make things just a little more interesting for the both of you!


This section shares some tips from our Mommy & Me panel where we surveyed a group of men and asked them to share some  tips, tricks, and more that they personally enjoy! So scroll along to see what may be the next trick you can try that will leave your man saying: 


Camera: "There's No Denying It…I Feel the Spice coming Back in my Love Life! "

"Let's do the things that lead up to SEX...the kissing, rubbing, whispering, touching that''ll drive him insane!" #foreplaytricks

Click On Each Box Below for Tips:

#Talk Dirty To Me: 


" There's No Denying It...I Feel the Spice Coming Back in my Love Life!"


" You Can't Keep Your Hands Off Me! "


" You Can't Keep Your Hands Off of Me!" 

Tip #3: Let's Get It On.

Lights, Camera, now it's time for some ACTION!


Which leads to Tip #3 . Getting It On, Knocking the Boots! 

My Advice: Think back on the moments you two shared before the spice left your love life. Sometimes the day to day encounters have a way of putting a strain on our ability to recall those moments back in time when the spice was very present in the what was once your happily ever after. The Key is not to let it.


 Make the most out of every moment shared and Twerk,Work,Make It Do What It Do!

It's Sex Tips 101! 

Action: I got you so excited. You Can't Keep Your Hands Off of Me!!"

Whispers: It's something about your love that's got me going crazy!satisfaction Guaranteed! I can't keep my hands off of you!!  xoxo

You Feel the Flame! It's coming back!!  xoxo

B L A C K B _ A R D

S_X TIPS 101




Spice Things Up! 

Doing the same tricks can sometimes make your sex life feel like,"blah" So let's be open to varying things up in the bed. Whether it's a change in speed, positions, or perhaps a little pressure on those pleasure spots! Variety is vital and can help keep your man in a heightened state of arousal, because guess what? He doesn't know what to expect if and when you do!.. Aha, You see where I'm coming from?!! GET IT?   GOT IT?    -GOOOD!



Educate Yourself! 


One thing about today's world is that there is so much education out there, and the good news is that alot of it is right at your fingertips!

Let's start with a Karma Sutra Book. You're sure to find some amazing positions that'll leave you both in awe!

Pick up one of those juicy novels by Zane! My all time favorite is "Buck Wild" The title can give you a glimpse into just how wild that book is! Whether it's a book a video! Education is Key to keeping things exciting in the bedroom.

Our Featured Action Video:  

Lsdies, try this amazing routine with your partner this week! I'm sure its destined to lead to some Wild,Wild Thoughs and MORE!

Select Play to Watch!!



eXperiment a Little! 


Experimenting with toys,teasing, and touching sensations is an incredibly sexual experience... pair that with aspects of domination and a little bit of pulling, equates to what we call an erotic overdrive. 

Whether you're spicing it up with a little role play, whips, handcuffs, or even toys!

They're not as scary as they seem. The right one can be a gold mine in finding the G-Spot and increasing the sensations and arousal amongst you two! The key is finding out what works, which will lead to some eXciting nights to come and if you're not careful another baby in the oven too ” 


If you weren’t kinky before, you sure will be after trying at least one of these!!


I do not own the rights to the video

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