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Fashion 101

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You Said Shopping,(Let's Face It) What's That?!

"Let's Go Shopping....Who Doesn't Love Shopping!!!"  -  (said every mom before having kids.)

But First Let's Face it and Be Honest, I need a babysitter!! (Yes, there is that "But".) Being a mom, especially with 3 kids all under 10 going out  is a rare moment for us! Let's face it ,we are too busy to often find time to get out of the house, yet alone go shopping for ourselves. Our daily routine might consist of shopping, but often times it's for groceries, diapers, formula, kid’s shoes (because they've outgrown their other ones overnight) or my favorite Gymnastic Leotards, ballet tutu's, football helmets, mouth guards. Let's face it moms, the list goes on and on, an although once upon a time we used to love and I mean love shopping, (Remember: Friday Pay Day + You = Used to Mean Shopping for a New Outfit, a hot pair of shoes to wear!...) But now, I'm pretty sure a lot of us can't even remember the last time we  actually went shopping, especially for ourselves. To be honest we probably can't even remember the average cost of a nice pair of jeans and heels!

No worries, let's start with some Shopping 101 tips! 


These tips are sure to inspire in helping us moms to make the most of our time when we actually do get an early weekday/weekend (while the kids are at school or practice) to do some much needed shopping!


Because let's face it, if you are like me, your wardrobe probably consists of lots of leggings,jeggings, yoga pants, tank tops and the infamous flip flops that you throw on to make a quick trip to the store.


It's okay moms: Relax, Relate, Rejoice!


Allow me to open up a can of Shopping 101 for you to use next time you get a call from your single sister under 25 with no kids who says, "Let's Go Shopping" (and you have a babysitter) but Guess what!!? You have nothing to wear!  Fret no more as I prepare you for that next time you get the invitation to go Shopping!!

Shopping 101

Step 1: Plan


Inventory Time:

Look at what you already have in your closet: If you're like me you have some leggings, yoga pants, tanktops, a maxi dress. Now that you know what you have let's take a stroll down memory lane. Remember when you had your last rushed morning or evening and you were trying to find that piece of clothing to match with those pants in your closet?   What was it that you were reaching for, but couldn't find?, Was it a Blazer, Pair of Pants, Dress Shoes? (That's what we need to plan to purchase on our next shopping trip) Let's Make a List.


Set A Budget: Having to put clothes on credit is no fun! So let's set aside a special budget to purchase what you need without spending more than you can afford.


Dress to Impress! Not:

Be sure that you dress comfortable when making that trip to shop. Wear lightweight clothes that are easy to get in and out of, like those yoga pants, and flip flops. And last make sure you do something with your hair and makeup! Yes, this is a must, because when you feel good you look good! You don't have to look all dolled up, but make sure that you look nice. Doing this can also give you a good idea of how you will look in the clothes that may soon be making a home in your closet.

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Step 1: Plan

Step 2 : Fix your  Focus

Step 3: Invest

Step 2: Fix Your Focus


Shop Solo: It can really help to ensure that you focus firmly on yourself and your particular needs. Now, I understand if you are like so many of us and love a great girls day of shopping! If this is the case just be sure to let your shopping partner know that you are on a mission to find specific items.




Buy for Your Now and Not for Your Later:

Yes, we all hope to drop a few pounds, get rid of some baby fat, but let's face it until that day comes let's make sure that when we do get some time to shop, that it's for the body we've got and not the one that we want! It's crucial to follow this advice.  Buying those pair of pants that are 2 sizes too small or that top that shows that's way too tight, will only leave you frustrated when you're running out of the house and still can't find nothing to wear.  (Been there done that) So remember it's always easier to take clothes in then to let them out. The idea is to look good now in the clothes you are buying, and moms even with those extra pounds you're trying to get rid of... you will still look good!


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Step 3: Invest

Purchase Complete Outfits:

That's the problem we often have when trying to find a pair of pants to go with that red and yellow jacket. If  it's going matching pants- or better yet, pants and nice blouse- BUY THEM! Even if the piece you're looking at isn't a complete outfit, take the time to hunt for a wonderful piece that will coordinate and make it a complete outfit. If you are like me and shopping for a piece to go with something you are already have a home, take a picture of it and bring it with you or bring the entire outfit if needed. Trust Me, You'll thank me later.


Choose Quality over Quantity:

I recommend investing in those pieces that you can wear time and time again! The black pants, the cashmere sweater.  In doing this, you'll get a better fit, nicer fabric, and an overall garment that will coordinate great with the less expensive items you pair them with.

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This Week's Featured Look:

This Week's Featured Look: 


Right: Classic Chanel Orange Ensemble

Left: Our Look For Less


Our Look for Less Details: Coming to all the way from, Target, and Amazon!! Woohoo!


We have our lovely Look for Less coming from none other than:   (Drumroll,Please) - This Amazing White Mark Women's Women's Lace Trim Mini Dress only: $29.00  

 ​ This  incredible Gold Snap On Plain Leather Jean Belt With Roller Buckle only: $13.00

​ This gorgeous Women's Dot handbag only: $18.00

This look will make the perfect one for this lovely Spring weather! All the moms are going to wonder how did you get that amazing look!


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