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Here Is The Place To Be











Extra, Extra, Read All About It! We're Extra, Extra Read All About Us!


Catering to all those looking for assistance with their next event, wanting to purchase the perfect customized creation, or simply just looking for a place to help you start your day and/or unwind after a long one! 


Whatever your reason for stopping by, we are so glad that you did!!

Thank you for gracing us with your presence!




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Mommy & Me Premier

 It's a place where moms and women of all kind come together to Chat,  Relax, Relate, Refocus, and Rejoice!              It serves as a vessel for us to project our passions, let down our hair, and keep us inspired in this beautiful thing we call L-I-F-E. So, please be my guest and check us out while you're here! Join our book club, nominate a mom, get some tips, and don't forgot to sign up to attend one of our awesome Mommy and Me Premier exclusive Thursday night virtual chats! It's TOTALLY AMAZING! It's TOTALLY FUN! There's so much to do. Hope to see you there!


 'It's the most wonderful time of the year and we would love to be a part of making your special day all that it can be and more! Let our amazing staff orchestrate your next event!  Whether it's a wedding, birthday party, reunion or more, we are here to SAVE THE DAY. . . We do it all from planning, coordinating, decorating, and more!      

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Creative Creations, Reviews & How To's

H.T.R. that's right! Here's where we do How To's & Product Reviews! and a little customized name here and a little bling there! We review it, design it, and show some How To's and Reviews! 
Not to Brag...but why not We are simply the BEST all around! (so run and tell that! lol) If you're looking for all of that and more ... Then Look No More! We are here for that and so much! So Come On In The Room...Come On In The Room!


M.T.C. Kids Zone

Extra, Extra read all about it! We're extra, extra read all about us! It's M.T.C Kids Zone! The place where a kid can be a kid! So parents, guardians, and more if you're looking for a great place for your kids to connect then look no more! Our kids zone is filled with lots of FUN, laughs, playtime, challenges,activities and more! If you're a kid this really is the place to be! It's the perfect place to start our  little ones days off. Whether it's  prayers and devotions to funny videos, Roblox, Barbie, games and more! M.T.C. Kids Zone delivers.


 Come shop with us in our amazing M.T.C. store! That's right if you came across something that you liked or seen on one of our social media Social Media channels then here is the place to be! Our shop carries everything from M.T.C. Swag, to custom wine glasses, tumblers, and so much more! It's growing every day and what that means is that we are sure that you're bound to find something great! So look no more, go ahead and click below to explore what's all in store!



What A Wig, Beautyz! That's right I wave my hair back and forth! Whether it's yours or if you bought it, WAWBEAUTYZ highlights today's latest fashion tips, hairstyles, and more! Here is the place to be if you're looking for some of the Best, Honest, and Most Amazing Wig Reviews & Beauty Tips. Lights. Camera. Action.  Come On In the Room, Beautyz! ✨

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Nominate a Mom:

Is there a mom that you know who goes above and beyond and you would like to nominate her to be featured on our Mommy Me Premier Wall of Nominations?

If so simply fill out your name, email, Subject: Mommy Me Nomination, and in your message be sure to let us know the name of this awesome mom you would like to nominate as well and what makes them so special!

Be sure to select "Send" when you're done.

Mommy & Me Premier Mom of the Month

Sandra Robinson

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Mommy of the Month

She's loving, caring, and always willing to go the extra mile! She's a mom to 3 beautiful girls who are now all grown up!

Sandra Robinson

We introduce this amazing mother to you all! Words can't even begin to describe just how much of a blessing she is and the amazing impact that she has on the lives of so many!

Mommy of the Month

When she's not out lending a helping hand, she enjoys reading, decorating, and spending time with her incredible family!

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